12 Best History Podcasts | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

There are numerous history podcasts online that are not only educational and insightful but are also entertaining and fun to listen to. Below is a list of some of the best history podcasts for both educators and learners, offering a fun and engaging way to understand the past.

From analyzing the life of Alexander the Great to exploring the long legacy of slavery in America, each of these 12 podcasts gives insight into different historical periods, people and events, and looks at history from a critical perspective.

History teaching is not (only) about helping students learn and memorize historical facts and events. It is more about enabling students to develop analytical tools that can help them critically assess and gauge knowledge they learn, consider alternative historical interpretations of events, ask profound questions about potential silences in historical narratives, and, ultimately, become better readers of history.

These 12 history podcasts will help you raise your students awareness to the importance of looking at history from different perspectives and using different lenses. From Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast to The Past and The Curious, these podcasts are sure to make history learning much more engaging.

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