6 Great AI Drawing Generators

However, up to this moment, most of these AI art generators are not able to fill contextual gaps and their understanding is limited to the context as described in the prompt. Therefore, if you dot provide detailed information you won’t get accurate results.

DALL-E 2 and Open AI are somewhat different since they use immense computing capabilities and can understand part of the hidden or implied context. An example provided by Open AI is when you write a prompt asking to generate an image of an individual ‘playing basketball outside’.

The word ‘outside’ in the context of this prompt can mean anything but the AI bot can fill in the gap with what is considered a common context which is a basketball playground. However, AI is still in its initial stages and I expect, based on the mind-boggling speed with which it is developing, that more sophisticated and powerful AI tools will soon be released.

Back to AI drawing generators. These tools have huge educational potential and can be used with students in and out of class. They can be used in pretty much any creativty-based activity, from free flow drawing to creating artwork to illustrate stories. AI drawing generators will empower students to tap into their creative potential and unleash their creative gene.

In the list below I share with you some recommendations of good AI drawing generators to try out. Basically, any AI Art generator can generate drawing-like artwork. Several of these generators offer drawing and/or sketching as a style among several styles. 

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