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What Should You Look For In Compliance Training Vendors Ratings And Reviews?

Choosing compliance training vendors that understand your needs and work within your budget shouldn’t be complicated. Not if you conduct a TNA beforehand and compile a list of must-have solutions. A significant hurdle that many organizations face is vetting vendors. They have all the essential expertise and selling points, but do they deliver top-notch CX? Can they use all their skills and software to benefit YOUR business and mitigate compliance risks? Ratings and reviews give you a behind-the-scenes look at vendor performance before signing on the dotted line.

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Keeping Up With Compliance: How To Identify Gaps And Fuel Mistake-Driven Learning

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8 Elements To Look For In Compliance Training Online Reviews

1. User Background

Users who leave a review need to fill in some basic background information. Such as their industry, focus, and staff size. This makes it easier for you to find ratings and reviews that align with your use case. For example, they have roughly the same company size and focus area. As such, they’re in a unique position to help you make the best buying decision based on your outsourcing requirements. On the other hand, you should try to check out all the reviews to get the complete picture.

2. Overall Rating

The overall rating gives you a good indication of client satisfaction. Were they happy with the vendor’s services and support? Or did they have an issue with responsiveness and communication? You can always dive deeper into the star ratings for more details. But the overall score sums up their experience. You’re also able to sort the initial search results by rating to see which vendors rise to the top.

3. Likelihood To Recommend

It speaks volumes about the eLearning content provider and their quality of work if clients are willing to recommend them. For example, they wouldn’t refer colleagues if the service fell short or they didn’t get top value for money. So, pay close attention to the likelihood to recommend score when evaluating vendor stats. This is another reason to read into the review to find out why users would (or wouldn’t) send business their way.

4. Pros And Cons

Every review explores what users liked best and least about working with the vendor. Which offers you the chance to compare your top outsourcing priorities to theirs. For instance, they mention that there were some issues during the project. But the vendor was able to quickly handle them without project delays. This is a major selling point for your organization because you’re looking for a vendor with open communication and experience. A company that can help you overcome all the obstacles and stick to the implementation timeline.

5. Performance Overviews

The performance overview is at the top of the review page. It has six key criteria that every organization should consider when choosing compliance training companies. This includes achieving results, communication, and responsiveness. As well as deadlines, value for money, and quality of service. We’ve chosen these aspects of vendor performance because they’re the cornerstones of successful compliance training outsourcing. You need a vendor who understands your needs and delivers high-quality content on time.

6. Summary Statement

The summary statement that kicks off each review gives you a quick overview of the project and outcomes. For example, the user says that they had an amazing experience with the vendor, who surpassed their expectations. Or that the company helped them reduce compliance risks and identify overlooked gaps in record time. The secret is to look for keywords that stick out, based on your outsourcing priorities. Maybe you’re focusing on vendors who are creative to help you stretch your budget and achieve the best results. Another thing to note is the date of the review, which appears in the same box. Ideally, you should read recent reviews first, as this more accurately reflects their work practices today. For instance, the vendor may have improved their service or support options over the past 2 years. Thus, their older reviews aren’t as relevant because they’ve evolved their business practices since then.

7. Quality Of Service

Quality of service deserves its own section because it’s such a crucial part of compliance outsourcing. It covers all the interactions you have with the vendor, as well as the finished product. Do they take time to explain the design process to you and lay out communication protocols? Are they willing to make revisions if you’re not happy with the deliverable? How do they handle issues that arise during the project?

8. Value For Money

In the end, you need a compliance training company that improves ROI. They must deliver max value for money so that you get the most from your investment. Again, this involves a number of factors. From support and solutions to the quality of the resources they provide. While many organizations focus solely on the cost, you should also think about the results and overlooked benefits. For instance, you lighten the workload for your L&D team so that they’re able to handle other tasks. A top-notch eLearning content provider knows how to manage the project without relying on your team for troubleshooting.


Which compliance training vendors are right for your remote workforce AND budget? Our exclusive directory has listings that cover all the essentials, including solutions and company overviews. As well as ratings and reviews that are backed by fraud prevention. We understand how important it is to get honest opinions when hiring an outsourcing partner for compliance training online. Thus, users need to create an account or sign in with social media to rate content providers. We also manually review all reviews as an extra precaution.

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