Are You Looking Forward to the New Basketball Season?

The N.B.A.’s 2022-23 season kicks off this week: Will the return of Zion Williamson bring more viral video dunks? Will this be the year Luka Doncic wins the Most Valuable Player Award? Will LeBron James break the all-time N.B.A. scoring record? Can the Warriors win it all again?

What players, teams and story lines are you most excited about this season? What bold predictions can you make?

In “N.B.A. Season Preview: Injuries and Drama Are the Wild Cards,” The Times surveys the prospects for all 30 teams:

Even for a league used to drama and headlines, the N.B.A. had a dizzying off-season.

There were trade requests (Kevin Durant) and trade rumors (Russell Westbrook); injuries (Chet Holmgren) and returns (Zion Williamson). The power structure of the Western Conference could be upended by the return of Kawhi Leonard with the Clippers; the power structure of the East is again unclear.

And a series of scandals at Boston, Phoenix and Golden State could have lasting implications for the league.

In short: A lot is going on.

The article then provides a short analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of all 30 professional teams, including this one for the reigning champion, the Golden State Warriors:

Any season preview about the reigning N.B.A. champions, would be remiss without mentioning The Punch. We are referring, of course, to Draymond Green throwing a haymaker at his teammate Jordan Poole at a preseason practice, which led to a series of questions: Had Green finally gone too far? Can he repair the damage? And what does it mean for Golden State’s chemistry moving forward?

Then again, doubt this team at your peril. Golden State’s recent drive to its fourth title in the age of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and, yes, Green proved that these guys are resilient. And more help may be on the way: James Wiseman, the No. 2 pick in the 2020 draft, appears to be healthy after he missed last season (and much of the previous season) with a knee injury. — Scott Cacciola

Students, read the preview of your favorite team and at least three others, then tell us:

  • Are you a basketball fan? Will you be watching or playing this fall? Are you looking forward to the new basketball season? What players, teams and story lines are you most excited about?

  • What is it that you enjoy most about basketball season? If you’re not a fan, what sport — or entertainment — do you prefer and why?

  • What did The Times get right in its N.B.A. preview? What do you think was missing from its analysis? Did it describe your favorite team accurately?

  • Make some bold predictions: Who will win the championship this year? Who will win M.V.P.? Who will be the breakout stars of the 2022-23 season?

Bonus question: Should your favorite team “tank” the season — purposely lose games — so they can be in better position to get 7-foot-3 teen sensation Victor Wembanyama at next year’s N.B.A. draft?

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