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Unit 1 : Perception is Everything
Activity 1.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 1.2: Perception is Everything
Activity 1.3: Importance of Perspective
Activity 1.4: Introducing Reader Response Criticism
Activity 1.5: Applying Reader Response Criticism
Activity 1.6: Different Ways of Seeing the World
Activity 1.7: The Visual Argument
Activity 1.8: Seeing the World from My Perspective
Activity 1.9: Another Perspective on the World
Activity 1.10: A Symbolic Perception of Self
Activity 1.11: Exploring Visual Rhetoric
Activity 1.12: Supporting Argument
Activity 1.13: Explain How an Author Builds an Argument
Activity 1.14: Digging Deeper for Meaning
Activity 1.15: Writing an Argument
Embedded Assessment 1: Creating an Argumentative Photo Essay
Activity 1.16: Previewing Embedded Assessment 2
Activity 1.17: What is Cultural Criticism?
Activity 1.18: Imperialism: A Poetic Conversation
Activity 1.19: Reading with a Cultural Criticism Lens
Activity 1.20: Being a Stranger
Activity 1.21: Understanding the Stranger’s Perception of the Village
Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Reflective Essay
Unit 2 : The Collective Perspective
Activity 2.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 2.2: A Closer Look: Archetypal Perspective
Activity 2.3: Viewing the Subjects
Activity 2.4: Introducing Pygmalion
Activity 2.5: Ladies and Gentlemen
Activity 2.6: Rules of Etiquette
Activity 2.7: Reading Between the Lines
Activity 2.8: Examining Eliza’s Options
Activity 2.10: I Feel a Song Coming On
Activity 2.11: What Does Eliza Do?
Activity 2.12: Examining the Archetypes
Activity 2.13: From a Marxist Perspective
Activity 2.14: Money, Power, and Class in Pygmalion
Embedded Assessment 1: Illuminating Pygmalion
Activity 2.15: Previewing Embedded Assessment 2 and Feminist Criticism
Activity 2.16: A Reversal of Fortune
Activity 2.17: Battle of the Sexes
Activity 2.18: Feminist Critique: The Tree of Life
Activity 2.19: One Town’s Attitude: The Feminist Perspective
Unit 3 : Evolving Perspectives
Activity 3.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 3.2: Creating Acting Companies
Activity 3.3: Cultural Criticism
Activity 3.4: Building a Plot and Bringing it to Life: Irony
Activity 3.5: Viewing a Cast of Characters Through a Marxist Lens
Activity 3.6: A Father’s Reaction: Performing and Defending an Interpretation
Activity 3.7: The Moor: Character Analysis Through a Cultural Lens
Activity 3.8: A Husband’s Response: Defending a Critical Perspective
Activity 3.9: A Historical Look at the Moor
Activity 3.10: Friendly Banter or Pointed Comments? Feminist Criticism
Activity 3.11: Honest Iago: The Dramatic Speech
Activity 3.12: Emilia’s Secret: Defending an Interpretation
Activity 3.13: Demystifying Emilia: Questioning Through a Critical Lens
Activity 3.14: Staging Iago’s Lies: Blocking for Effect
Activity 3.15: One Scene, Many Perspectives
Activity 3.16: “Talk You of Killing?” Defending a Perspective
Activity 3.17: Evaluating an Essay: Rubric Creation
Activity 3.18: Othello Through Time
Embedded Assessment 1: Writing an Argument
Activity 3.19: Previewing Embedded Assessment 2
Activity 3.20: Staging a Performance
Activity 3.21: Playbill: Othello
Embedded Assessment 2: Staging an Interpretation
Unit 4 : Creating Perspectives
Activity 4.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 4.2: Reality TV (and Other Media)
Activity 4.3: Constructing Public Opinion
Activity 4.4: Bias in News Reports
Activity 4.5: Framing the Investigation
Activity 4.6: Directing the Investigation
Activity 4.7: Throwing Light on the Situation
Activity 4.8: Looking for Trouble
Activity 4.9: Evaluating Sources
Embedded Assessment 1: Examining How an Issue is Presented in Media Texts
Activity 4.10: Previewing Embedded Assessment 2
Activity 4.11: Considering the Medium
Activity 4.12: That Sounds Just Right
Activity 4.13: Turn Facts into Narratives
Activity 4.14: Voir Dire: Facing a Jury of Your Peers
Word study
Embedded Assessment 2: Creating a Documentary Media Text
Unit 5 : Multiple Perspectives
Activity 5.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 5.2: Independent Reading and Discussion
Activity 5.3: Understanding the Genre
Activity 5.4: Beginning the Graphic Novel
Activity 5.5: Framing the Narrative
Activity 5.6: Transitioning to a New Land
Activity 5.7: Angles and Perspectives
Activity 5.8: Marginalized Peoples
Activity 5.9: Choosing a Perspective
Activity 5.10: Adapting for an Audience
Activity 5.11: Comparing Theme
Activity 5.12: Designing a Media Communication
Activity 5.13: The Author’s Perspective
Activity 5.14: Multiple Perspectives on the Graphic Novel
Activity 5.15: Exploring Critical Perspectives
Activity 5.16: Assessing Perspectives
Embedded Assessment: Presenting a Literary Work Through Multiple Critical Perspectives

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