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Unit 1 : The Power of Argument
Activity 1.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 1.2: Escape from Reality
Activity 1.3: It’s All a Part of the Game: Countering Opposing Claims
Activity 1.4: Technology and Communication
Activity 1.5: Analyzing an Argument
Activity 1.6: Joining the Conversation
Activity 1.7: Taking a Stand on Justice
Activity 1.8: Taking a Stand on Legal Issues
Activity 1.9: Taking a Stand Against Hunger
Activity 1.10: Taking a Stand on Truth and Responsibility
Activity 1.11: Taking a Stand Against Exploitation
Embedded Assessment 1: Creating an Argument
Activity 1.12: Searching for Evidence
Embedded Assessment 2: Participating in a Debate
Unit 2 : Persuasion in Literature
Activity 2.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 2.2: Love and Marriage
Activity 2.3: Proverbs and Folktales
Activity 2.4: Father and Son
Activity 2.5: Visualizing a Character in Conflict
Activity 2.6: Family Ties
Activity 2.7: Sacrificial Son
Activity 2.8: Creating a Character Tableau
Activity 2.9: Ibo Norms and Values
Activity 2.10: RAFTing with Chielo
Activity 2.11: Tracing Two Themes
Activity 2.12: A Tragic Hero?
Activity 2.13: Colliding Cultures
Activity 2.14: Cultural Misunderstandings
Activity 2.15: Poetic Connections
Activity 2.16: A Letter to the District Commissioner
Activity 2.17: The Author’s Perspective
Embedded Assessment 1: Writing a Literary Analysis Essay
Activity 2.18: Journeys through Space and Time
Activity 2.19: Digging Deeper into Character
Activity 2.20: Making a New Home
Activity 2.21: A Journey in the Blink of an Eye
Activity 2.22: A Journey to School
Activity 2.23: Creating a Narrative
Activity 2.24: Journeys to a New Land
Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Short Story
Unit 3 : Voice in Synthesis
Activity 3.1: Previewing the Unit
Activity 3.2: Putting in Your Oar
Activity 3.3: Reading a Court Case on Freedom of Speech
Activity 3.4: Analyze Rhetoric in a Supreme Court Case
Activity 3.5: Exploring Opinions About Vaccines
Activity 3.6: Understanding Herd Immunity
Activity 3.7: Two Opinions on Measles Vaccines
Activity 3.8: Composing a Synthesis Argument
Activity 3.9: Digging Into the Research Process
Activity 3.10: Forming Questions
Activity 3.11: Sifting Through Sources
Activity 3.12: Evaluating Sources for Credibility
Activity 3.13: Drafting Embedded Assessment 1
Embedded Assessment 1: Creating an Annotated Bibliography
Activity 3.14: Presenting Research
Activity 3.15: From Research to Report: Drafting the Conflict
Activity 3.16: Visual Evidence
Activity 3.17: Recursive Research
Activity 3.18: The Problem with Palm Oil
Activity 3.19: Peer Presenting
Embedded Assessment 2: Presenting a Solution to an Environmental Conflict
Unit 4 : Praise, Mock, Mourn
Activity 4.1: Previewing the Unit
Activities 4.2, 4.3 & 4.4: Three Celebrations of Food, O Fathomless Cat, Scorn in Antigone
Activity 4.5: Playing with Convention in a Sonnet
Activity 4.6: Sorrow in an Elegy
Activity 4.7: Two Responses to War
Activity 4.8: Writing a Literary Analysis of a Poem
Activity 4.9: Elements of a Graphic Novel
Activity 4.10: Mourning in the Afternoon
Activity 4.11: Writing to Praise, Mock, or Mourn
Embedded Assessment 1: Writing an Analysis of a Piece of Creative Writing
Activity 4.12: Previewing Embedded Assessment 2 and Introducing Greek Drama
Activity 4.13: Soul Sisters
Activity 4.14: Chorus Lines
Activity 4.15: Enter the King
Activity 4.16: Conflicting Motivations
Activity 4.17: An Epic Foil
Activity 4.18: Odes to Love and Death
Activity 4.19: Tragic Hero
Embedded Assessment 2: Performing a Scene from Antigone

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