Khan Academy’s science content grows with new middle school science courses

Khan Academy’s science content grows with new middle school science courses

Hi Teachers! Have you explored our new middle school science content yet? As you know, Khan Academy is not just for math, and this summer we’re introducing hundreds of new pieces of middle school science content so that Khan Academy is your 1-stop-shop for foundational skill practice in science.

Hear from our Chief Learning Officer, Kristen DiCerbo, as she introduces you to our new middle school science courses:

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New science courses aligned to discipline specific Next Generation Science Standards

From climate change to genetics, our new biology and Earth & space science courses offer hundreds of exercises and articles that are all aligned to discipline-specific Next Generation Science Standards.

Keeping in line with Khan Academy’s mastery based-learning approach, these new courses will build and develop your student’s knowledge as they go through the course. Check out the new courses that were just released:

Each of these new courses offer your students:

  • Rigorous and challenging NGSS discipline-specific aligned material
  • Fun and engaging activities allow students to understand the content while learning how to practice and apply it
  • 60 new vibrant and captivating videos presented by a diverse group of experts and video creators
  • A foundation for creative thinking in our high school courses, which are enhanced by creativity breaks from Adobe.

These new courses join a robust offering of science courses, and like everything else on Khan Academy they are free!

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