Labor Bureau Will Fine Pacific U $840,000

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, or BOLI, is preparing to fine Pacific University $843,000—and potentially more, depending on additional complaints, OPB reported.

Seven people have filed complaints that Pacific has not given them their full personnel file, as required by state law.

“I feel a huge amount of vindication on behalf of my clients who have been fighting to get their personnel files produced to them as required under Oregon law by Pacific University,” said Robin DesCamp, a lawyer representing former university employees.

Jennifer Yruegas, Pacific’s general counsel, said Pacific has complied with BOLI but sees inconsistencies in BOLI’s notice.

“Several discrepancies within the assessment are really concerning,” Yruegas told OPB. “And [it] really looks as though information wasn’t reviewed that was provided before making the assessment.”

At this point, she said, the university has provided all the records it can to all seven complainants. She said some records the university is withholding are protected due to student privacy or attorney-client privilege.

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Labor Bureau Will Fine Pacific U $840,000
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