Math Word Problems for 2nd Grade Students

10. There are 16 students in a classroom. If 4 students are absent, how many students are present in the classroom?
Solution: There are 12 students present in the classroom.

11. If a bag of candy has 24 pieces and Lisa has already eaten 9 pieces, how many pieces of candy are left in the bag?

Solution: There are 15 pieces of candy left in the bag.

12. There are 10 red balloons and 8 blue balloons. How many balloons are there in total?
Solution: There are 18 balloons in total.

13. Sarah has 12 stickers. She gives 4 stickers to her brother. How many stickers does Sarah have left?

Solution: Sarah has 8 stickers left.

14. A school bus can hold 20 students. If there are 45 students going on the field trip, how many buses are needed to transport all the students?

Solution: 3 buses are needed to transport all the students (20 x 2 = 40, 45 – 40 = 5, so 3 buses are needed).

15. A store has 30 apples. If 12 apples are sold, how many apples are left?
Solution: There are 18 apples left.

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