New Khan Academy Content and Features for Students and Teachers!

New Khan Academy Content and Features for Students and Teachers!

Hi Teachers,

As always, we’re listening to what teachers and students need most, so we’re thrilled to deliver new and updated content, as well as several new features that will make this school year one of meaningful progress for us all.

Cheers to a new school year!
Aviv and Team Khan

Boost engagement year-round with LearnStorm

A long-standing tradition at Khan Academy has been the back-to-school LearnStorm competition. During this annual challenge, students in a class work together to level up on Khan Academy and compete nationally against other students to see who can learn the most. This year, Khan Academy’s popular engagement tool will be available year-round to encourage deeper learning by rewarding mastery level-ups to “familiar” or higher. With LearnStorm, teachers can help students build a growth mindset by allowing them to track their progress and celebrate mastery all year long! You’ll have the chance to sign your class up for the chance to win Khan Academy prizes in the fall, and be able to continue using the tracker as you please throughout the year as you run your own competition!

Track mastery with Individual Student Skills report

The Individual Student Skills report shows teachers each student’s skill-mastery levels for every skill in a selected instructional area or RIT band (for MAP Accelerator teachers). This report allows teachers to

  • easily track how a student is progressing towards mastery with a skill-by-skill assessment of their work
  • gain insights into a student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to make choices about how best to support that student’s growth
  • conveniently share and discuss a student’s performance with the student or their parents

New mastery view for students

Learners now have a new visual experience on their student dashboard that shows both assignment content and mastery information for the skills that they’re working on. Learners will also see how the content they’re on fits into the broader learning journey in that subject. This first rollout is limited to Math and Science, but other domains will receive it over the next few months. You can read more about the updates in this article.

Middle and High School Science!

As you know, Khan Academy is not just for math, so we’re excited to introduce hundreds of new pieces of middle school science content so that Khan Academy is your 1-stop-shop for foundational skill practice in science. From climate change to genetics, our new biology and Earth & space science courses offer hundreds of exercises and articles that are all aligned to discipline specific Next Generation Science Standards.

Improvements to our most popular course, 6th grade math

We revisited major 6th grade topics, especially developing ratio and percentage reasoning and working with negative numbers, to address the areas that the students found most challenging. We’ve provided new scaffolds and showed connections between different representations, used common student responses to develop incorrectly worked example items, and arranged the content in shorter, spiraling units!

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