Typeform- A Good Form Building Tool for Teachers and Students

The Survey Maker tool lets you design and share surveys. You can either build your own survey from scratch or use a pre-made template which you can tweak to suit your needs. With its integration with Google Sheets, you are able to manage your  Typeform survey results on Sheets and also share them with those who don’t have a Typeform account.

3. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a tool you can use to create various types of quizzes and tests. It offers some excellent pre-designed quiz templates to start with. These include templates for creating geography, vocabulary, trivia, math, and science quizzes. There are also templates for English placement tests. 

Using Typeform’ s Calculator (which is a pro feature), you will be able to ‘set up your own scoring system and save hours of correction and scoring. You can also link to Typeform’ s general report at the end of your quiz so your students can see how they compare with their peers.’ You can also embed your quizzes on your class website using a custom code.

Other features provided by Typeform’ s quiz maker include the ability to automatically send certificate of completion to students once they finish their tests, create custom messages for various responses and quiz results, insert multimedia materials into your quizzes (e.g., images, GIFs, and videos), include conditional logic functionality to provide students with more options when they choose a particular course of action, and many more.

How much does Typeform cost?

Typeform has a basic free version with limited features (which are enough for us in education), more advanced features are included in the pro-version. There are three premium versions: Basic ($25/month billed yearly), Plus ($50/month billed yearly), and Business ($83/month billed yearly).

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